The following sales and delivery conditions apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing between Muscle Cars Garage ApS, Blokken 15, 3460 Birkerød (hereinafter referred to as MCG) and the buyer. MCG's distribution network means that the buyer can receive the purchased products from a distributor chosen by MCG (hereinafter referred to as the distributor) accompanied by a delivery note issued by the distributor. Although the delivery note should contain conditions of sale and delivery that deviate from these terms and conditions, these Danish terms and conditions must also apply in the relationship between MCG and the buyer.


1.1 All prices are in DKK. The prices are stated both excl. 25% VAT and the total amount incl. 25%

If the sale takes place to a recipient outside Denmark, but within the EU, then the VAT shown will be with the delivery country's VAT rate and will be settled at the delivery country's VAT rate and the prices will be converted to the country's currency.


1.2 If an order confirmation sent by MCG deviates from the buyer's order by surcharge, restriction, or reservation, and the buyer will not accept these changes, this must be notified to MCG immediately and within 3 days of receipt. Otherwise, MCG's order confirmation is binding on the buyer.


1.3 The goods are delivered from a warehouse chosen by MCG or by a freight company. The risk for the goods is transferred upon receipt of the goods by the buyer. In the case of transport by carrier, the risk of the goods is transferred upon receipt by the buyer at the place of destination, as the carrier provides insurance for the transport to the buyer's address. When the buyer picks up goods at MCG's warehouse, or when transporting with the buyer's own carrier, the transfer of risk takes place upon receipt of the goods at MCG's warehouse.


1.4 Any indication of delivery times (as described on the order confirmation) is discretionary and expresses an expected Exceeding of agreed delivery times that are not due to MCG's circumstances, can not be invoked by the buyer as a delay.


1.5 The products are delivered with the guarantees that come with the product from the manufacturer. Buyer can not claim any additional product warranty against MCG.


1.6 MCG makes no warranty as to the harmful properties of the delivered products (product liability). The buyer is referred to take out the necessary insurance for damage that may occur to the purchased item. Any warranty provided by the manufacturer for consequential damages is transferred to the buyer. MCG shall only compensate for damage caused by a defective product if there is gross negligence on the part of MCG.


1.7 The buyer is obliged to examine the goods received and review the accompanying delivery note, in order to ensure that the item number and number correspond to what was ordered before the packaging is broken. Complaints must be made immediately and within 3 days of receipt to MCG. If there is a hidden defect in the delivered product, then the complaint must be made 3 days from the time when the defect was discovered.


1.8 MCG undertakes for a period of 3 months from receipt of the goods by the buyer to rectify defects and deficiencies provided that:

Buyer advertises
Defective items are immediately returned by the buyer with a clear
MCG after investigation has found that defects found are due to defects in material or workmanship, and are not justified by improper handling or storage, negligence, installation, repair or alterations made by the buyer, or are justified by accidental events for which the distributor can not be made responsible according to the general rules of Danish law.


1.9 MCG is responsible for its own work, but MCG cannot be held liable for any consequential damages. MCG's work can be ordered on an ongoing basis, whereby the customer pays all time spent - also time spent on any corrections to this - or as a fixed price project.


1.10 Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer pays freight from the place of delivery and handling fee.


1.11 Unless otherwise agreed, MCG is entitled to change prices in accordance with changes in exchange rates, customs duties, freight and insurance rates or other matters beyond MCG's control and influence until MCG confirms the order. Price increases on products from external suppliers effected before the delivery date will lead to a corresponding price increase for the buyer.


1.12 For payment after due date, interest is calculated at 1.0% at the beginning of the month. The interest invoice is printed per. commenced month.


1.13 Physical products are only returned by prior agreement with MCG (see section 1.7). Return shipments must be in unbroken and undamaged original packaging with indication of return number (RMA number). Physical products that are part of the standard product range, which have been purchased within the last 30 days, and which are in unopened, undamaged and original packaging, can be returned for a return fee of at least 10% of the invoice value. Purchased goods (not mainstream goods that are not in stock but must be ordered at home), configured goods, spare parts and customer-specific goods are not returned.


1.14 MCG reserves the ownership of the goods sold until payment has been made.

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